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Stay true to yourselves and create from the heart!

I want to share something that I am frequently asked: why do I edit my photos in such a moody and dark manner? Why do I give them that apocalyptic movie look? The answer is always the same: it's who I am, and I can't be anything else. No matter how much I try to distance myself from that style, I always come back to it without realizing it.

If you take a look at my feed, you'll notice that there are periods where I use bright colors, more saturated, with shades of orange, yellow, and white. It may seem like I'm changing my style, but let me tell you, it's just an illusion. I assure you that when you see those photos, it's when I feel the most lost, when I doubt myself the most, and when I can't find meaning in what I'm doing.

Does that mean I can't do anything other than darkness and mysticism? Of course not! Although I studied photography many years ago (I'm actually a grown woman, even if you don't believe it), I have been a professional retoucher for over 7 years. Thanks to that, I have extensive knowledge in editing, color, and retouching. I can achieve any style, look, or atmosphere in my photographs. But despite knowing how to do anything else, I always come back to the same thing, to who I truly am.

There may be people who don't understand my choice or simply don't like it, and that's okay. Everyone has their preferences and tastes. But I want you to know that for me, that dark and mysterious style is the only place where I truly feel like myself. It's where I can express my authenticity and connect with my deepest emotions.

I always believe that I have much to learn and that I will continue learning until the last day of my life. But I also understand that each of us has a unique artistic essence that defines us and makes us feel complete. So, even though I may experiment with different styles, I always come back to my true self.

Low angle taking the reflection of the city on the puddle.
London city in a rainy day.

I want to remind all of you to always be yourselves, no matter what. Be true to your essence as individuals and creators. Each of us knows who we are inside, what drives us, and what makes us unique.

Embracing and nurturing our true essence is the only way to create authentic and meaningful work. Don't become someone else just to please others or fit into certain standards. The world needs your voice, your perspective, and your artistic vision just as you are.

Remember, your authenticity is your greatest strength. Don't be afraid to show your true self in your creative work. Through the genuine expression of who you are, you will be able to connect with your audience in a deep and meaningful way.

Don't compare yourselves to others or try to imitate the style of other artists. Each of you has your own path and your own story to tell. Discover your unique voice and trust in it. Allow your creativity to flow from the depths of your being, and you will see how it will be reflected in your art.

So, I encourage you to embrace your essence, to be true to yourselves, and to unleash your full potential. Remember that only you can bring your creative vision to life in an authentic way. Trust yourselves and let your creativity shine with all its splendor.

Stay true to yourselves and create from the heart!

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